Water Conservation

There are so many ways to have an impact…it’s literally infinite. We could write a hundred new posts a┬áday for the rest of our lives and still not make a dent in offering up all the potential ways… Read More

Plant A Garden

It is becoming my belief that mans destruction of planet earth is directly correlated with the lack of relationship we have with planet earth. Just as it is easier for us to do harm to others we don’t… Read More

10 ways to make an environmental impact

We discussed one extreme way to have a positive impact on the environment, and that was by living in an environmentally designed earthship. Though that may be a viable method for some extremist, or people who are really… Read More

Earth Ships


We come across people every day who are looking for ways to make an impact environmentally. Sustainability is an increasing focus in many schools and┬ásomething that people are becoming more concerned about. We constantly inform people that there… Read More