Give Back

Hey guys here is a little inspiration for those care bears of you out there. I know we all pass street performers everyday, especially those of us that live in the city. I know we don’t all typically think about it but they are doing there best to add value to our lives. I know personally that I love Friday and Saturday night strolling down the street and hearing the fresh sound of live music on the streets. Obviously talent levels vary but overall the intent seems to be to add value to the overall community. Everyone is trying to make a living and it’s awesome when it can positively impact the rest of us. I know that I do not show enough love to these people especially with my wallet. Here are some people who are setting a good example by really enhancing the day of few lucky street performers. If we could all go out of our way to make someones else’s day that much better,┬áthen we could all do our part in brightening our community. Keep on consuming, and we’ll keep on providing!

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