Earth Ships


We come across people every day who are looking for ways to make an impact environmentally. Sustainability is an increasing focus in many schools and something that people are becoming more concerned about. We constantly inform people that there are a ton of ways you can make positive contributions towards the environment through simple actions. Making sure to take shorter and less frequent showers, making sure to buy organic, and recycling items whenever possible are all great ways to make a positive contribution on this planet. However there are also those more extreme options that allow for people to have even greater impacts. One of these being to live in an earth ship.

What is an earth ship?

Earth ships are homes designed to be as earth friendly as possible with our current technologies. Earth ships utilize basic principles of heating, cooling and air circulation to create livable environments with the least amount of energy possible. The real difference is how they reuse water. Typically with a residentially zoned home there are rules in regards to how you can use water, however in Santa Fe New Mexico where these earth ships are zoned there are not the same laws on the use of water, or other building styles the homes have utilized.

Earth ships use simple principles, to get extraordinary results.

The homes capture rainwater with design of their roof that makes it available in their sinks and showers. After the water is used in the sink it is then recycled to be used for the toilet, and then used again to water the plants. By simply reusing water these homes are having massive effects on the environment and how much water we keep available in the local water tables.

The homes are also built into the ground, helping with insulation and cooling, so they stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer naturally. This is something that has been understood for centuries but has not been practiced for the last hundred years, because there has not been an honest attempt to save energy. Moreover the homes are constructed from unwanted materials like tires and glass bottles. This offers the builders free building materials, and the opportunity to make use of materials that other wise would have ended up in land fills.

The earthships also utilize modern sustainable energies like solar panels in order to produce renewable energy from the sun. Strategically placed on the roofs to capture ample amounts of power for their energy needs. Many of the new earth ships also have an exterior walkway that lines the outer perimeter of the home between the outside and the main building for insulation, but also allows for a great space for a garden. Some earthships even have little ponds in the space to allow for homeowners to raise fish to eventually eat.

By having a garden, fish, a system to capture water, solar energy, and a design that maintains its temperature all year long, you can really say this is a sustainable home. It may not be accommodating to every person, but it is an earth friendly home for those who really want to make a difference. If you want to learn more check out their official website, and discover how you can become part of the earthship movement.

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