Plant A Garden

It is becoming my belief that mans destruction of planet earth is directly correlated with the lack of relationship we have with planet earth. Just as it is easier for us to do harm to others we don’t know, like waging war on foreign countries, it is easy for us to do harm to earth because it is foreign to us. We don’t really know earth, and we have not created very many meaningful relationships with it. This is an overarching statement and I know this is not true for many, but I would say its true for the majority of the world. Compared to the indigenous cultures of our past, modern societies have entirely severed ties from the very thing we depend on. Despite our dependency on its land and resources, we show little to no courtesy or gratitude for what it offers to us. Where as in contrast indigenous cultures used to have ceremonies and celebrations showing gratitude for all that nature offers. I believe these differences are entirely related to our cultural practices of idolizing technology and financial gains. Which is worlds away from the culture of our ancestors that constantly recognized and celebrated earth and all it does for us. Without this connection and gratitude to earth we are unattached to how we treat it. We are distant from the environmental destruction of the planet because we see earth as separate and distant from ourselves. Which is absurd, but nonetheless the case. I believe more than carrying for earth, we must develop an honest relationship with it. I know to many that sounds “hippie-ish” or simply the words of a tree hugger, but I believe it’s true. We must have a relationship where we are compassionate to the earth and also interested in it, and I believe a great way to start this relationship is through starting a garden.

By starting a garden you come to understand the capabilities of earth and may even become intrigued by the fact that earth can take a small seed and grow a variety of plant species from seeds that start so small. Then nurturing for something that grows from earth you may become more in tune with your nurturing side, and explore aspects of yourself that you never knew were there. Additionally you will come to better know earth and its full capabilities. There is a lot about earth that can inspire you and cause curiosity, and a garden is certainly one of those things. Furthermore, a garden is a great environmental addition to the earth. Growing your own food will help to reduce carbon emissions that are a result of produce being transported across the world. You will also help to reduce deforestation and the large sums of land that are needed to commercially grow produce for the grocery stores. Moreover, the food that you eat will be better for your body. Most commercially farmed produce lack nutrients and contain pesticides because the land is over farmed and treated with chemical pesticides to deal with pests.

There are a ton of positives to starting a garden, but I believe the most overlooked one is the relationship that will form between you and nature. You will begin to see all plants differently after you have a garden and begin to see earth a bit differently. That has at least been my experience and the experience of others I know. Hopefully this articles inspires you to consider the benefits of gardening, and perhaps make makes you curious enough to do it.


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