Water Conservation

There are so many ways to have an impact…it’s literally infinite. We could write a hundred new posts a day for the rest of our lives and still not make a dent in offering up all the potential ways to give back and help out. That is because making an impact is really subjective and based on your perception, and your point of focus. Simply answering your telephone when a family member calls or holding the door open for a stranger can make the biggest difference in the life of someone else, even beyond a large initiative you might take on. Though we think individual acts of kindness and gratitude are immensely impactful in the world, we do want to share a macro topic in todays post that affects us all, water conservation.

Water conservation is a growing interest for countries, local legislatures, and even small businesses. Local water prices are way undervalued according to one Arizona pool builder we’ve been following, and he has been extremely outspoken about it, mainly because he thinks it’s leading to massive waste. The pool contractor has taken to the internet and been very vocal about his concerns on his website, www.poolremodelphoenix.org. Essentially saying that local and federal governments are dramatically downplaying the severity of our shrinking water tables, and the catastrophic implications that will eventually result because of it.

This Arizona business man believes that we ought to let capitalism do its thing with supply and demand, but make sure we accurately represent supply. At the rate we are consuming water, scientist are speculating that we will run out of water, or face severe shortages in only a few decades. Considering these realities, there is no reason water should be so inexpensive for the public. Not that anyone is asking to get gouged with high water prices, but rather allow for water prices to realistically represent the shrinking supply. “It’s the most necessary resource on earth, yet we treat it like it’s worth nothing” he says.

On his website he offers pool owners ways they can reduce the amount of water used in their pool and have a big impact on water conservation. Pools obviously by their nature consume a lot of water, and according to his site if they are not properly cared for can use substantially more water than they should. Beyond routine cleaning to get rid of algae and other bacteria, he recommends covering your pool when not in use. Apparently this helps to keep your pool clean so you don’t have to empty it as often, and it does not allow for the water to evaporate as quickly, so pool owners don’t have to constantly top off their pool. Covering your pool has a variety of benefits like keeping the temperature cooler or warmer depending on the time of year, but he said it’s the best and easiest way to reduce wasting water. It’s inexpensive and requires very little effort, simply put the cover on when ever your done swimming. He said it is small acts like this that make a big difference in conserving water. If we are all willing to put in a little effort here and there, and not be lazy, then we can really make an impact. Just as it is the small things that make people happy, like holding the door or simply saying hello, it’s the small things with conserving water. Don’t let your sink, hose, or shower run when it’s unattended, simply turn it off when not being used. Don’t take for granted what is available today, because it may not always be that way. And please head this passionate mans advice, and look into getting a cover for your pool, if have not done so already.

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