Water Conservation

There are so many ways to have an impact…it’s literally infinite. We could write a hundred new posts a day for the rest of our lives and still not make a dent in offering up all the potential ways to give back and help out. That is because making an impact is really subjective and based on your perception, and your point of focus. Simply answering your telephone when a family member calls or holding the door open for a stranger can make the biggest difference in the life of someone else, even beyond a large initiative you might take on. Though we think individual acts of kindness and gratitude are immensely impactful in the world, we do want to share a macro topic in todays post that affects us all, water conservation.

Water conservation is a growing interest for countries, local legislatures, and even small businesses. Local water prices are way undervalued according to one Arizona pool builder we’ve been following, and he has been extremely outspoken about it, mainly because he thinks it’s leading to massive waste. The pool contractor has taken to the internet and been very vocal about his concerns on his website, www.poolremodelphoenix.org. Essentially saying that local and federal governments are dramatically downplaying the severity of our shrinking water tables, and the catastrophic implications that will eventually result because of it. Read More

Plant A Garden

It is becoming my belief that mans destruction of planet earth is directly correlated with the lack of relationship we have with planet earth. Just as it is easier for us to do harm to others we don’t know, like waging war on foreign countries, it is easy for us to do harm to earth because it is foreign to us. We don’t really know earth, and we have not created very many meaningful relationships with it. This is an overarching statement and I know this is not true for many, but I would say its true for the majority of the world. Compared to the indigenous cultures of our past, modern societies have entirely severed ties from the very thing we depend on. Despite our dependency on its land and resources, we show little to no courtesy or gratitude for what it offers to us. Where as in contrast indigenous cultures used to have ceremonies and celebrations showing gratitude for all that nature offers. I believe these differences are entirely related to our cultural practices of idolizing technology and financial gains. Which is worlds away from the culture of our ancestors that constantly recognized and celebrated earth and all it does for us. Without this connection and gratitude to earth we are unattached to how we treat it. We are distant from the environmental destruction of the planet because we see earth as separate and distant from ourselves. Which is absurd, but nonetheless the case. I believe more than carrying for earth, we must develop an honest relationship with it. I know to many that sounds “hippie-ish” or simply the words of a tree hugger, but I believe it’s true. We must have a relationship where we are compassionate to the earth and also interested in it, and I believe a great way to start this relationship is through starting a garden. Read More

Watch Your Plastic

plastic as wastePlastic water bottles make me cringe.  I know many people that but cases of water bottles and open up a new bottle every time they want water.  I totally agree with not drinking tap water, but needing 6-8 plastic bottles a day to get your needed water intake in, is just upsetting, wasteful, expensive, and really not even good for you. We are in the very hot desert in the middle of the summer and water is crucial to keep us from dehydration. That means that even more water is consumed, and for those drinking water only out of water bottles, more plastic to the landfill or recycling.

Maybe the fact that you can recycle makes people less conscious about the amount of plastic that they use, but it shouldn’t. It still takes resources to produce the plastic bottle and those resources negatively impact our environment to begin with. So although recycling is a great action to take up, we still have to remember that what we recycle has to be created. Recycling is a better alternative to a landfill.  But a better alternative to recycling is not create the need to recycle an item.

So today I ask you to have an impact by being aware of how much plastic you drink out of, and to please find alternative ways to stay hydrated, but without a new plastic bottle every time your thirsty. Not only will you impact waste reduction and resource exploitation, but you will also positively impact both your health and your wealth (your packet).

Get a lass water bottle that you can refill.  That way if you leave it in the car, the plastic doesn’t melt into the water.  If you use a refillable plastic bottle, be aware of the heat and plastic. At home, utilize the 5 gallon jugs to refill from a water store or dispenser.  Get a couple and go refill weekly or bi weekly, or even have it delivered to you. You save at least 10 times the amount of money by filling 5 gallons of water. Read More

Homeless – Part 2

We wanted to follow up with where our previous post one homeless left off. Homelessness is an increasing problem to deal with as many know both for our city officials and the society as a whole. It seems to turmoil between our moral obligations to other humans, and our personal economic pursuits and leaves many of us confused on a solution. Despite what preconceived notions you might have about homeless people, there are ways you can have a positive impact on their lives. Here are a few additional ways people have contributed positively to the life of a homeless person to help inspire those that want to help.


As we discussed previously, Tempe Arizona has just put into affect a law that makes sitting on on the street illegal and punishable by law ($100 ticket). Like we pointed out many local Arizona residents are upset about this, and have protested the stringent law making. Unfortunately there have been little gains made by all of this, but it has shown local homeless people in Tempe that there are others who have their back, and believe they have rights too. One local Arizona company even went as far as to offer their services for free. Phoenix Limo Service, a limousine rental company here in Phoenix brought three of their vehicle to Tempe and offered free rides to local homeless people who needed rides elsewhere around the city. The service not only allowed these people to avoid paying fines by sitting on the sidewalk, but also offered them free transportation to job opportunities and more accommodating parts of town. The company has not received nearly enough praise for this, but you can personally thank them like we did by visiting their website www.phxlimoservice.com and sending them an email. I believe actions like we saw from Phoenix Limo Service should inspire other local businesses to offer their services to advance the position of someone else in need. If we see everyone as part of our own community then I believe these actions will seem normal and be seen more frequently.  Read More

10 ways to make an environmental impact

We discussed one extreme way to have a positive impact on the environment, and that was by living in an environmentally designed earthship. Though that may be a viable method for some extremist, or people who are really passionate about environmental living, it’s not realistic for most. Most residential zoning laws don’t allow for a lot of the features that make up an earthship, and thus you can only have an earthship in a few select locations throughout the country. So we want to provide solutions that everyday people can put into action to have a positive impact on the environment. Here are some solutions that we practice, and ones that we recommend, but if you have other suggestions please write them below in the comments. Read More

Earth Ships


We come across people every day who are looking for ways to make an impact environmentally. Sustainability is an increasing focus in many schools and something that people are becoming more concerned about. We constantly inform people that there are a ton of ways you can make positive contributions towards the environment through simple actions. Making sure to take shorter and less frequent showers, making sure to buy organic, and recycling items whenever possible are all great ways to make a positive contribution on this planet. However there are also those more extreme options that allow for people to have even greater impacts. One of these being to live in an earth ship.

What is an earth ship?

Earth ships are homes designed to be as earth friendly as possible with our current technologies. Earth ships utilize basic principles of heating, cooling and air circulation to create livable environments with the least amount of energy possible. The real difference is how they reuse water. Typically with a residentially zoned home there are rules in regards to how you can use water, however in Santa Fe New Mexico where these earth ships are zoned there are not the same laws on the use of water, or other building styles the homes have utilized.

Earth ships use simple principles, to get extraordinary results.

Read More



Homelessness is an unfortunate part of most cities both big and small. Despite the job conditions, there are circumstances, situations and choices that lead many individuals to live a life on the streets. Although some people may have preconceived notions as to why these individuals have ended up on the streets, the fact of the matter is, that for many it is out of their control. However they do have the control to get themselves off the streets, and into better lives. Sometimes even with the smallest assistance people can make big changes. So we wanted to share some ways that you can have positive impacts on the lives of others. It’s not easy for homeless and they need all the help they can get. Recently in many cities, including here in Tempe Arizona, city authorities have made efforts to get people off the streets, but not really with the intention to help the homeless individual. Recently Tempe Arizona has banned homeless people from sitting on the popular street Mill Avenue. Urged by local businesses to improve the aesthetics of the street, which is normally heavily populated with homeless, they have banned homeless from sitting on the streets. Mill Avenue has faced heavy opposition by local residents who claim the new law is inhumane, but yet the rules persists. Laws were not designed to care or people, so people have to care for people. The fact of the matter is that there is a large homeless population both here in Tempe AZ and elsewhere around the country. So we wanted to put together some tips for those who want to do something meaningful to help a homeless brother or sister out.

  1. Offer cleanliness in the form of a toothbrush and toothpaste. Often times a lack of cleanliness affects a homeless persons self confident and willingness to apply for a job.
  2. Gift Cards are a great way to offer support a homeless person getting a meal and know that the money is going to food and nothing self destructive.
  3. Support Effort. Try to recognize and acknowledge someones hard work. If you see someone working hard towards playing an instrument or offering product or service try and support. By you showing them that there efforts to better their lives are not in vein they will be more willing to increase these efforts and work towards creating a better life for themselves.
  4. Smile. Acknowledgment and love is one of the most powerful things we share with one another as humans. If someone feels that the world loves them, then they will relinquish hostility and work towards getting involved in a world of friendly people. Additionally, constant non acknowledgement works to hurt the ego and contribute to a lack of self worth.
  5. Listen. This may not always be the easiest or most convenient thing to do, but it can have a dramatic impact on someones life. Knowing that someone is willing to listen is reassuring and inspiring to someone who lives in silence most of their lives. Although you may encounter people rambling, try not to judge and just listen. There have been many times where people listening to a homeless person realize they can offer practical advise that can be life changing.

Stay tuned for our follow up post on ways you can positively affect the life of a homeless person.

Give Back

Hey guys here is a little inspiration for those care bears of you out there. I know we all pass street performers everyday, especially those of us that live in the city. I know we don’t all typically think about it but they are doing there best to add value to our lives. I know personally that I love Friday and Saturday night strolling down the street and hearing the fresh sound of live music on the streets. Obviously talent levels vary but overall the intent seems to be to add value to the overall community. Everyone is trying to make a living and it’s awesome when it can positively impact the rest of us. I know that I do not show enough love to these people especially with my wallet. Here are some people who are setting a good example by really enhancing the day of few lucky street performers. If we could all go out of our way to make someones else’s day that much better, then we could all do our part in brightening our community. Keep on consuming, and we’ll keep on providing!